Tom A. Nielsen

Working on my Work Desk

Canon FT QL

Graffiti on old factory

Graffiti in sunset

Old factory building

Old roller coaster cart

Old bumper car

Canon FL 50mm

Fallow deer

Industrial production

Water drops

Honey bee

Christmas ball

Christmas ball in dark

Happy new year 2014



Sea ​​eagle

Teddy bear's

Riding my bike

Photographer in waiting position

Watching you

Bursting waterbaloons

The Color Run - Copenhagen

Photographing the photographer

Seaeagle in flight

Thoughtful kitten

The wave in sunrise

In the tube


Children playing

Almost smiling...

Almost smiling - Sepia edition


Into the sun

British Shorthair

Hail to the Pumpkin King...

Hail to the Pumpkin King...II

I'm cute!


British Shorthair lowkey

Bunker with Graffiti

Sea Eagle in flight


Sea Eagle in flight